Memories of the Dragon King.

I was the captain of my fate, but I became a lost soul.

The Dragon

People have always asked me why I chose to call myself Ryuu. I would always just say that it’s because it’s dragon in Japanese. I realized lately that it means more than just that. Look back at all the stories of the princess locked in a castle with the dragon surrounding it. Day by day the dragon would stand guard over the castle, killing anyone that would try to take away the princess. Then there’s always that one prince that the dragon fights till death but eventually loses and dies to. When people read this story, they always view the prince as the hero. I think it’s the dragon. Think about it. Was the princess ever hurt or in legitimate danger? No. She was fine. The dragon protected the princess from this cruel world day by day, killing anyone that would try to bring her into it. I think the dragon knew that he would have to take the role of the bad guy so he could truly protect the one thing he cared about. Then, the prince comes. Like with everyone before him, the dragon was ready to kill him. As the fight progressed, I think the dragon knew that it was his last time truly being able to protect the princess. As the prince stabbed and cut him down, the dragon didn’t run. It stayed and fought till death. In my eyes, that’s a real hero. Someone who will risk being misunderstood for a bad guy to protect the people they care about the most. And when they see that they’re not going to win like the times before, they don’t run. They stay and fight to protect who they love. That’s fearless. I don’t want to be a prince; I want to be a dragon.